Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This weeks been a busy one for us Leader......Still lots to do before the fun begins.

Scouter Jeremy is making sure we have, propane....... so we can cook, ice..... so our food stays fresh, checking First Aid Kit.....making sure we have a complete kit (although we ARE NOT going to have to use it!!! I hope!!), Filling water containers......so we can stay hydrated, making sure we have tents, traps, cooking supplies & utensils.....must have these, oh don't forget to pack your own stuff too!

Scouter Kevin has been confirming with the campsites and our planned activities .......that they are still expecting our group, he also has arranged for our group to be picked up at park gates for our White Water Rafting Day, you must not forget to pack your stuff as well.

Scouter Heather has pick up a pile of food.....so we don't starve!!! Prepare & cooked two beef roast for a lunch this week, peeled a ton of carrots (snacks), grated some mozza cheese for pizza bush pie dinner, complete & organized all paperwork, fielded a few calls from parents who have had questions......made a few to do list so I don't forget anything, oh and started this blog (so you can be informed, I just hope it will work while we are on our trip and that I will have a moment each day to write a bit down for parents to see) . I've also packed and I'm am now ready to go!!

I hope all Scouts are getting just as excited as I am for this trip.

Scouter Heather

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