Thursday, June 30, 2011

Arrival complete!!!!

Let me first say that last night's fire pit.....never happened. Right after I finished blogging it started rain and we all ran for cover in our tents. Think we were getting a less intense rain storm than what we have all heard that you all had back at home. All is good but was quite wet when we tore down this morning. We were all up early and were on our way this morning earlier than leaders expected.
With the early start we decided that we would stop and let us all soak at the hot springs. Nice treat after a long day of driving. Along the road into the hot springs we were welcomed by six mountain goats and on our way out we were glanced good bye by a small black bear eating his dinner.
Camp is set up and we are settled into our site.

Oh! Happy Birthday Jamie!

Scouter Heather

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  1. So, the ground sheets were a good idea after all! Sounds like you guys have a fun day planned for today. I think I'd still be in the hot springs, though!

    Piggy the goldfish wanted me to tell you that he misses James. We miss him, too!

    XOXO - Jen, Andrew and Ben