Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Excitement of the day finally has arrived……..the hustle to get ready, pack up, load up and tearing kids away for their parents for a Scouting adventure it's been a full year of planning to get to this point.  Once all three vehicles we loaded up we were on our way.

First destination here we come…....with a small pit stop to fuel the vehicles and to feed everyone.  Pizza Hut buffet dinner was a hit. Pizza, pasta, garlic sticks, greens (were on some of the plates), drinks and desert.  All boys proved that they were boys and all ate their fair share.

We were back into the car for our last leg of our day, a 50 min drive from where we were.  
First campsite set up proved to us leaders that these Scouts have gotten the hang of setting up their tents and working as a team.  Today we needed to be quick due to the few rain drop that were falling and the dark clouds that we could see that were coming towards us. Within 30 minutes all tents were set up and ready for the first nights stay.  With a quick play at the play structure and a bathroom break…..fire pit was the plan for the rest of the evening.  Guess that wasn’t the plan of Mother Nature!!!!! Thunder, lightning, and RAIN!!!!  So our first evening was spent in our assigned tents with only once being able to come out once for a quick snack of homemade cookies (Thanks for the donation, Shelly & Trevor….they were really good!!) Once the snack was done or almost done we had to run for cover to our tent again and that's where we all had to stay for the rest of the evening/night.
This was not what we planned for let's hope this is the last of the rain for the rest of the trip. Some of us Leaders were hearing that back home was getting a whopper of a storn as well.

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